Comet cleaners can do your laundry for you

Home Delivery is a service provided to give people the ability to add more quality time to their day! We can do your laundry for you and we never charge for pick up or delivery!

Dry cleaning by trained professionals

We understand the investment that you have made in your clothing. That is why our trained professionals inspect each garment to determine if special attention is required .

Comet cleaners is fast laundry service

We provide you with a personalized large GOLD bag to filled it up with your dirty laundry. Just drop it off at one of our convenient locations or use our Mobile Delivery service.

Get same service by request

Upon request, you can drop off your clothes any weekday by 8:30 am and they will be ready for pick up by 6 pm the same day!

Comet cleaners can maintain your bedspreads or comforters

Whether its for guests in your home or just Spring cleaning let us conveniently freshen and maintain your bedspreads or comforters for either storage or for dressing your beds.

Comet Cleaners provides custom alterations

Experts professionally inspect each garment from the smallest repair to major adjustments. We offer a range of services including replacing zippers and buttons; size adjustments.

At Comet Cleaners we specialize in cleaning wedding gowns

At Comet Cleaners we specialize in cleaning, restoring,and preserving wedding and formal gowns! Let our professionals dry clean, alter, and expert press your wedding gown.

our professional dry cleaners handle leather

Proper care is essential for your leather and suede garments. Your items will be inspected and carefully cleaned by industry experts.

Coment cleaners uses proven cleaning solvents to clean draperies

Window treatments provide comfort, security and ambiance in your home. Let our trained professionals handle the cleaning with exceptional care.

Comet cleaners purse and shoe cleaning

Let our experts carefully clean your shoes and/or purses using a special treatment that can safely remove stains and dirt to extend their life with spectacular results!

Comet Cleaners drop off box

Whether you need suits or security guard uniforms cleaned, Comet at Work will pick up and deliver your employees’ laundry.

Comet cleaners uses environmentally friendly cleaning products

While some locations offer drive thru services, all of our Comet Cleaners stores offer a secure drop box that allows you to drop off clothes at any time.