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From Our Customers:

11/ 6 &7/2015

I didn’t pay attention to the closing hours for Comet Cleaners so I did not pick up my dress in time and I had needed it the next day. After calling the store, I sent them an email and the automated response left the general manager’s number. I ended up calling Amanda Jackson and she was so nice and sweet over the phone and gladly worked out a solution for me. Also when I dropped off the dress on November 6th in the evening, the employee that was helping me (I didn’t catch his name) was so friendly and helpful. It was my first time going to Comet cleaners and I am so glad I did. Also when I picked up the dress on Sunday (their day off) the gentleman who let me in was extremely nice as well. He was apologizing to me, even though I was the one who inconvenienced him. Comet Cleaners has the best customer service I’ve ever come across. I would recommend it to everyone I know!!! All 3 employees that helped me were amazing, I couldn’t thank then enough for their service. ~Bandera, Halah.A


I went to pick up my dry cleaning on the way to work and my car would not start when I tried to leave. Jackie, without hesitation, came outside and tried to charge my battery with her car. She was kind and patient. It was a horrible morning and I was worried about being late to work. She kept me calm and tried everything she could to start my car. Beyond the very cordial service when I picked up my clothes, she went above and beyond to help me. Thank you, Jackie!!!!!  ~Leon Springs, Elizabeth W.


I had lost a shirt and called yall and spoke with Althea. After getting my info she quickly began looking for it, and by the next morning, had found my shirt. She was SO kind and SO efficient, and I am thoroughly impressed and grateful. ~ Mobile Delivery, Cindy R.


I would like to thank these two ladies for providing a great customer experience every time I have visited the Bitters location. I would definitely recommend this business to my friends and family. ~ Bitters, Richard G.


All the girls do a great job – Betsy, Stella, Nikita & Rosalie- I appreciate them. ~ Bitters, Bruce W.